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Dec 05, 2023Mr. Bur
mr bur gold bur
Mr bur Gold Bur

Mr Bur Gold Bur

Mr Bur FG Gold Bur offer a remarkable performance and persistence by using only natural diamonds for superior cutting efficiency and long instrument life. In the same time, it assures maximum, uniform crystal coverage for rapid, smooth and comfortable cutting with multi-level diamond application.


Mr Bur Gold Bur (19mm-24mm)

FG Gold Standard Shape: Round, Inverted Cone, Pointed Cone, Cylinder Flat End, Cylinder Round End, Taper-Round End, Donut, Peaches and Taper-Flat End FG Gold Short (16mm-21mm) Shape: Pointed Cone, Taper-Flat End, Cylinder Round End and Taper-Round End Great news, Mr Bur do not require MOQ, minimum order quantity, so contact us now our friendly agent is here to served you. Our terms will be 30 days. Once order items will be send within 3 weeks. Gold Plated Diamond FG Burs Mr Bur gold plated diamond FG burs are especially made for precision grinding of the tooth and have longer life than other diamond FG burs.

Mr Bur Gold Bur are premium quality burs with highly homogeneous spread of the special diamond which enables them to work smoother with less vibration, keep a lower temperature, have higher durability and a better surface finishing.

Our gold bur coated with precision multi-layered Natural Diamond Burs are available in diverse grit options. Mr Bur gold diamonds offer a high level of performance and durability at a reasonable cost.

Exclusive, multi-level diamond application assures a maximum, uniform crystal coverage for rapid, smooth and comfortable cutting. Only natural diamonds are used on all Mr Bur Gold Bur for superior cutting efficiency and long instrument life. The economic line of diamond burs is very high quality and come in a box. Mr Bur dental burs are designed for multiple use; their one-piece stainless steel shanks undergo a special heat treatment to ensure rigidity, strength and precision. Mr Bur gold bur care Multi-layered diamond coating and always preferred by leading dentists.


Mr Bur Your Burs Specialist

Mr Bur was founded in Malaysia 2021 towards Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, we offers the highest quality of Dental Burs on the market today. We have partnered with some of the top reputable manufacturers in the dental industry operating for more than 50 years, to provide our customers with the very best and largest quality and dependable dental burs and have assisted them in achieving their goals.

Our continual commitment to excellence has earned us the reputation as the best dental bur provider in Malaysia.

Mr Bur Our Mission is committed to constantly improving on products through innovative technology to enable our customers in achieve their goals by pinpoint accuracy and perform minimally invasive procedures.

Mr Bur Corporate Vision is Delivering innovative dental product solutions for practitioners to achieve "Quicker, Better Patient Experience"


Contact Mr Bur:

You may contact our dental bur specialists using our Contact Us page through our website

Mobile / Whatsapp: +60143288033



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