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The crown cutter kit from Mr. Bur is the best dental instrument that dentists can use to remove or cut all types of dental crowns PFM, Metal Crown, Zirconia. You can use our crown cutter kit for various purposes, including:

CT 1 and CT 2: The CT-1 and CT-2 dental crown cutter burs that come with the dental crown killer kit are excellent for tough dental crown cutting jobs and can meet the challenges of cutting through all-ceramic crowns, especially those made of extremely-hard ceramic materials such as zirconium dioxide.

Talon 12: The Talon Carbide Burs are also available in the crown killer kit namely the Talon-12 dental crown cutting bur models. You can equip these blades on top of the bur as well as on the side. This makes the Talon burs cut not just horizontally, but vertically as well, which means they cut faster than any other crown-cutters available in the dental market to date. what makes the Talon bur models so special is that they have greater cutting speed that is made possible due to its unique hourglass shape. Additionally, you can use a single Talon bur for crown prep, cutting and removal, instead of using 3 separate burs. Moreover, the Talon dental crown cutter bur will cut as fast during the last 10 seconds of the procedure as during the first 10 seconds which will make the dental procedure easier and faster for both the dentist and the patient. Finally, dentists are able to cut through both the porcelain and the metal crowns, so there’s no need for more than one bur.

Our crown cutter dental bur kit comes in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of dental cutting and the specific requirements of the dental procedure.

Disclaimer: The Talon dental burs are for single use only!

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