Best Innovation for Tooth Preparation Mr Bur Cool Twister Line Dental Bur

Dec 05, 2023Mr. Bur


  1. Superb Cooling Effect

  2. Unique Spiral Grooves

  3. High Speed Cutting Force

  4. Smooth Finished Surface

  5. Prepare Crown Very Fast


Mr Bur Cool Twister Line dental burs are solution for tooth preparation, cool twister has the sharpness of carbide and the super strength of diamonds. Mr Bur cool burs are designed with a left spiral groove along the diamond coated active zone and able to self removing debris.

Mr Bur Cool Twister Line dental burs provide advantages for the patient and practitioner

1.The cooling water is delivered by the spiral grove directly to the contact point between the bur and tooth.

2. The grinding temperature decreases.

3. The grinding is faster and more aggressive.

4. The final result is a very fast grinding, with aggressive material removal, and at the same time a superb surface area quality.

Mr Bur Cool Twister Line dental burs come with

1. FG cool standard Shape: Round, Inverted Cone, Pears, Cylinder-Flat End, Ogival End Taper, Taper-Flat End, Taper-Round End, Peaches

2. FG cool short Shape: Ogival End Taper, Taper-Flat End, Taper-Round End Mr Bur cool twister line burs incorporate opposite spiral channel that create a turbo flow of water.

Work faster because the channel flushes debris, lowers the risk of pulp lesion, and dissipates heat during rotation.

  1. Rapid cutting speed to create a smooth surface

  2. Optimal hear dissipation to alleviate patient’s discomfort

  3. Zirconia cutting

  4. Super coarse

Mr Bur Cool Twister Line dental burs are used by dentists for multi-purpose dental applications. Our cool burs carries ISO 9001, 13485, CE and FDA. Our dental burs exported to Europe, Japan, USA also Asia market. Our burs are manufactured and hand checked to ensure 100% quality control. All our burs are tested by trained professionals as per predefined market norms. Advanced electroplating guarantees a full diamond coverage making each of our burs lifespan longer. Mr Bur cool bur created and designed for fast cutting and increased efficiency allowing our dentist and practitioner to finish their procedure with just one bur. Great news, Mr Bur do not have MOQ, minimum order quantity, so contact us now our friendly agent is here to served you.

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