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Dec 05, 2023Raymond Looi


Dental Burs
, the tiny drill pieces for teeth. Dental burs are used in conjunction with the dentist’s handpiece for cutting away hard tissue such as tooth and bone. There are a huge range of burs, with different materials, shapes and sizes to suit different situations and procedures. The burs are usually made of tungsten carbide or diamond.

Dental burs are a vital tool required for almost every dental treatment and procedure. They are necessary for cutting, grinding, and removing hard and soft tissue and are designed to attach to the rotary dental handpiece for fast and efficient dental work. Dental burs attach to a handpiece and are used for cutting and polishing hard tissues of the mouth.

Parts of dental burs

The dental bur has three parts: the head, the neck, and the shank. The head contains blades which rotate to cut the tissue. The shank is the longest part and is inserted into the handpiece. The neck connects the two parts. The blades are positioned at various degree angles in order to change the property of the bur. Dentists use this to bore through tooth enamel and to clean and remove plaque from the tooth’s surface. Decayed tooth material is also removed before applying a filling.


1. (HP) Straight Shank (45mm)

2. (RA) Latch-type Shank (19-21mm)

3. (FG) Friction Grip Shank (19-21mm)

Dental burs come in many shapes and sizes designed for specific applications and can rotate at speeds from 8,000 up to 450,000 revolutions per minute (rpm). Shanks make up the long part of the bur piece. Shanks have different ends to attach to different types of handpieces and are available in different lengths to enable attachment to specific handpieces.

(HP) Straight Shank (45mm)

Long straight shanks are used on slow speed handpieces, most commonly used for diamond cutting discs. Long straight shanks are also used in surgery procedures.

* Low-speed handpiece.

* 8,000 to 30,000 RPM.

(RA) Latch-type Shank (19-21mm)

Latch-type shank is generally 19-21mm in and fits in low speed handpieces and contra angles. Latch-type shanks often available with the same shapes as Friction grip shanks.

* Low-speed handpiece.

* 10,000 to 30,000 RPM.

(FG) Friction Grip Shank(19-21mm) Friction grips are used in conjunction with carbide and diamond head burs. Friction grips are used with high speed handpieces and like latch-type shanks they are generally around 19-21mm in length. * High-speed handpiece

* 300,000 to 450,000 RPM.

Mr Bur- Your Bur Specialist

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