Characteristic of Diamond Burs & Carbide Burs

Dec 05, 2023Mr. Bur

Diamond burs

Advantages of diamond burs: Diamond burs enable faster and smoother cutting, and are needed when a cut requires extreme precision. Diamond burs with a finer grit can create a higher polish, and are therefore more appropriate for precise work instead of removing large pieces of material. Cutting away porcelain restorative material diamond burs are very effective. When purchasing a diamond bur, remember that natural diamonds will last longer.


Diamond burs grit size

Mr Bur Diamond Burs

Mr Bur Diamond Burs

The clinical efficiency of diamond abrasives depends on their size, uniformity, spacing, exposure, and the bonding of the diamond particles.

Diamond particle size is mainly categorized for diamond preparation instruments as one of the following:

• Super coarse - grit diamond bur (180 μ) Black band.

• Coarse- grit diamond bur (135 μ) Green band.

• Medium coarse- grit diamond bur (100-120 μ) Blue band.

• Fine - grit diamond bur (50 μ) Red band.

• Super fine - grit diamond bur (50 μ) Yellow band.


Advantages of Mr Bur Diamond Burs

• Long service life.

• Greater resistance to abrasion.

• Lower heat generation.

• Superior efficiency for cutting both the enamel and dentin.

Carbide Burs

Advantages of Carbide Burs: Carbide burs are made of tungsten carbide, a metal that is extremely hard (about three times stiffer than steel) and can withstand high temperatures. Because of their hardness, carbide burs can maintain a sharp cutting edge and be used many times without becoming dull. Carbide burs are used most commonly for excavating and preparing cavities, finishing cavity walls, finishing restoration surfaces, drilling old fillings, finishing crown preparations, contouring bone, removing impacted teeth, and separating crowns and bridges. Carbide burs will cut and chip away the tooth structure rather than grinding as diamond burs do, this leaves a much smoother finish than diamond burs. Carbide burs are better handling for removing metal based restorations, they are also effective for trimming and finishing macro-filled and hybrid composites. Carbide burs are most commonly available as a friction grip shank (FG) but (RA) latch type shanks are also widely available. They are best operated at high speeds with light pressure.

Advantages of Mr Bur Carbide Burs

• Long service life.

• Resistant to high temperatures

• Variety of blades

Mr Bur- Your Bur Specialist

We have a team of dental advisor that has been in the dentistry for more than 20 years. Mr Bur from Singapore towards Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, we offers the highest quality of dental burs on the market today. We have partnered with some of the top reputable manufacturers in the dental industry operating for more than 50 years, provide our customers with the best quality and dependable dental burs, assisting practitioners in achieving their goals.

Our continual commitment to excellence has earned us the reputation as the best dental bur provider in South East Asia.

At Mr Bur, we are committed to constantly improving on products through innovative technology to enable our customers in achieve their goals by pinpoint accuracy and perform minimally invasive procedures.

Mr Bur Corporate Vision is Delivering innovative dental product solutions for practitioners to achieve "Quicker, Better Patient Experience"

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