Dental Bur Shapes and Their Uses: A Comprehensive Guide for Dentists

Dec 05, 2023Mr. Bur

Dental Burs Shapes

There is wide range of dental burs shapes available which can make it extremely hard to decide which suits you the best. Different flute angles create different cutting characteristics, making each bur appropriate for a particular task. Operative (cavity preparation) burs have deep and wide flutes to allow for more aggressive enamel cutting. These burs will usually be straight bladed or crosscut. Trimming and finishing burs will have more blades that are closer together and much shallower making them perfect for fine finishing and polishing. The most used bur head shapes include round, pear, cylinder, inverted cone, tapered flat end, tapered round end, flame and etc. 


Round Bur

Round Burs – removal of large amounts of tooth decay, cavity preparation, excavating and creating access points and channels for blades re: dental extractions. Round burs are used for cavity preparation and creating access points, but they can also create undercuts and channels for blades during a dental extraction. Available in the widest range of diameters. Uses include: drilling, deburring holes, enlarging holes, carving recesses for sweat soldering, and refining bezels/seats for stone setting. Because of its shape it can be used at any angle and can get into tight areas easily. Round burs are used by dentists for excavating


Round burs are used for:

*cavity preparation

*creating access points

*creating undercuts

*creating channels for luxator blades in extraction

Pear bur

Pear burs are best suited for creating access points, preparing cavities and evening splitting roots of smaller teeth. The selection of the bur is based on the task to be accomplished and what material is being worked with, whether it is natural enamel, acrylic, or metals such as gold and silver. Pear burs are used for excavating, trimming, and finishing in dental applications


Pear burs are used for:

*Cavity preparation

*Creating access points

*Splitting roots of small teeth

Cylinder Burs

Cylindrical burs are used for the removal of amalgam restorations. Flat-end Cylinder burs are used for intra-oral tooth preparation. The straight sides of this bur make it a good alternative to a file, especially when removing large amounts of material. Large diameter cylinder burs are primarily used for grinding the insides of ring shanks. Also available with a rounded end.

Inverted Cone Bur

Inverted cone burs
are suitable to undercut access opening for root canals or for restorations. They may also be used for flattening pulpal or gingival walls. Inverted cone burs have a long or short head length, which may be single or crosscut. Some inverted cone burs feature a collar, while others are called double inverted cone burs and symmetrical inverted cone burs. An inverted cone bur is used as an excavating bur and is also well suited for making undercuts in dental industry.

Taper Shape

Taper burs have a triangular shape with straight tapering sides that come to a point at the tip, similar to a cone bur but with a longer and narrower head. Taper burs may also have flat, rounded, or safe ends and are available in a wide range of diameters. A taper bur is useful for accessing hard-to-reach areas. Tapered round end bur are used for intra-oral tooth preparation and adjustment.

Bevel Shape Burs / Flame Shape Burs

Bevel shape burs also known as flame shape burs are available in a wide range of diameters with either a standard length or long neck. They may be single or crosscut with the blades on the head positioned closer or further apart, depending on whether they are intended for finishing or cutting applications. Bevel shape burs, flame shape burs may also have long head lengths.

Bulk Reduction Burs

Twister Diamond Burs: Coated with natural diamond, they offer non-clogging spiral dual action using a precision engineered head for faster operation and least resistance. Ideal for fast bulk reduction and a smooth finish.

Finishing Burs 

Finishing burs are designed to add the finishing touches – shape and finer detail – to restorations. Finishing burs are used for finishing restorations, soft tissue re-contouring, enameloplasting and odontoplasty. Finishing burs can be obtained as 12 or 30 bladed burs in carbide or diamond head in a variety of shapes. Finishing burs are also available in white stone for composite and green stone for amalgam.

Specialty Bur

Specialty dental burs are tailored for particular dental procedures and applications, such as IPR (Interproximal reduction)Crown CuttingGingivectomyRoot Planning and etc. The advantages of IPR interproximal reduction burs in dentistry are monumental. These groundbreaking instruments have transformed orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, and restorative procedures. They offer exceptional precision, efficiency, and patient comfort while preserving healthy tooth structure. So choosing the best quality  IPR burs are essential for all dentists, and that is why Mr. Bur is the right choice because of their  IPR burs is synonymous with excellence, earning the trust of dentists worldwide.

With Mr. Bur's  IPR kits at your disposal, you can provide extraordinary care, ensuring your patients leave with not only healthier smiles but also profound confidence. Elevate your practice and experience the myriad advantages of  IPR burs with Mr.Bur.

Mr Bur- Your Bur Specialist

We have a team of dental advisor that has been in the dentistry for more than 20 years. Mr Bur from Singapore towards Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, we offers the highest quality of dental burs on the market today. We have partnered with some of the top reputable manufacturers in the dental industry operating for more than 50 years, provide our customers with the best quality and dependable dental burs, assisting practitioners in achieving their goals.

Our continual commitment to excellence has earned us the reputation as the best dental bur provider in South East Asia.

At Mr Bur, we are committed to constantly improving on products through innovative technology to enable our customers in achieve their goals by pinpoint accuracy and perform minimally invasive procedures.

Mr Bur Corporate Vision is Delivering innovative dental product solutions for practitioners to achieve "Quicker, Better Patient Experience"

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