Surgical Root Planning Kit

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Surgical Root Planning Kit

Bring your periodontal treatment to the next level with the MR.BUR Advanced Root Planning Kit. Thereby, it effectively does away with enamel pearls, dental calculi, and adhesives, along with debris with minimum disturbance, allowing the root surface relatively clean and smooth, which again are essential conditions for the newly formed supporting periodontal apparatus and the continually developing periodontium.

Cases Apply:

  • Damage and aging gums
  • Remove calculus like scaling

Experience MR.BUR ultimate precision with our high-quality diamond burs (RA). Our burs deliver exceptional cutting power with superior 3-layer diamond coating, durability, and compliance with industry standards, ensuring seamless procedures and superior outcomes. Elevate your practice with our reliable and precise diamond burs (RA).

Product Specification:

  • Medical Grade Stainless Steel
  • RA (CA) Contra Angle Low Speed
  • Red Band Fine Course
  • Superior Cutting Efficiency
  • Yellow Band Super Fine Course

The MR.BUR Surgical Root Planning Kit is packaged in 3 pcs/each.
RAF856/10 x 3
RAF368/10 x 3
RASF856/10 x 3
RASF368/10 x 3

Order Number RAF856/10 RAF368/10
Head size 1.0 1.2
Order Number RASF856/10 RASF368/10
Head size 1.0 1.2

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