10 + 1 things to avoid doing to extend the life of your dental handpieces!

Dec 01, 2023customjobs parkhya
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You finally got a good quality handpiece to perform your dentistry procedures and you want to maximize your investment? You certainly know how to use it, but do you know what you should avoid doing not to harm its operation?

Here are our top 10 +1 things to avoid doing to extend the life of your dental handpieces!

1. Immerse your handpiece to clean it. Plunging your handpiece in water or in a cleaning solution may cause corrosion inside the handpiece and prevent it from operating properly.

2. Apply too much pressure to your bur when using it. Applying too much pressure could damage the bearing in the head of the handpiece.

3. Use damaged burs. The use of damaged burs may be detrimental to your procedure, but it also affects the internal components of the handpiece; thus, decreasing its service life.

4. Use your handpiece at a pressure higher than recommended. Handpieces are designed to withstand some pressure. Exceeding the pressure recommended by the manufacturer could wear out its components prematurely.

5. Use a high-speed handpiece without water. The use of the high speed without water will cause the handpiece bearing and bur to overheat and may cause injury to the patient and damage the handpiece.

6. Drop the handpiece. The handpieces are fragile, a shock could cause the breakage of several internal parts.

7. Not lubricating handpieces as recommended by the manufacturer. It is important to always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations of your handpiece for lubrication. This maintenance will prolong its lifespan while keeping your procedures more pleasant.

8. Not using the burs recommended by the manufacturer of your handpiece. The use of the wrong burs can damage the jaw of your handpiece and increase the risks your bur will get stuck.

9. Use unclean burs. The use of unclean burs can create deposits in the chuck of your handpiece, restricting rotation.

10. Not inserting the bur all the way into the chuck. By not inserting the bur completely into the head of the handpiece, you can damage the tip of the head, you also increase the risks of breaking your bur.

11. Choosing the Wrong Seller. When it comes to dental handpieces, what's even more critical than the brand or price is where you buy it from. Let's be honest, no matter how reputable or expensive the handpiece, there can be times when it malfunctions. Sometimes it's a manufacturing issue, and sometimes it's due to improper usage. Remember, dental handpieces are not invincible; they have a lifespan. So, the key is to choose a trustworthy seller who is willing to take responsibility and help you resolve any issues that may arise. Your seller should be your partner in ensuring your investment pays off in the long run.

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