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What Are Dental Burs?

Dental burs are miniature, high-speed, rotating instruments used by dentists for a variety of procedures. Think of them as the tiny drill bits of the dental world, but with much more precision and versatility.

What Material Types Are Used in Dental Burs?

Diamond Burs: They are the most used dental bur material in dentistry, it is ideal for cutting hard tooth structure like enamel and dentin. They come in various grit sizes ranging from coarse to fine depending on the type of removal that the dentist or dental technician needs.

Tungsten Carbide Burs: The Tungsten Carbide Dental burs are used for softer materials like bone and composite resins. They're less delicate than diamond burs and may not cut as aggressively.

What are the Shapes of Dental Burs?

Round Burs/Ball Burs: Versatile for general shaping and smoothing, with varying depths and tapers for different access needs.

Cylindrical Burs: Used for removing larger amounts of material and creating flat surfaces. They come in different lengths and diameters.

Conical Burs: Ideal for preparing undercuts and creating retention grooves for restorations. They come in various degrees of angulation.

Flame Burs: Designed for precise access in hard-to-reach areas like interproximal spaces. They have a narrow tip and tapered sides.

Ball Burs: Useful for smoothing and polishing restorations and natural tooth surfaces. They come in different sizes and textures.

Fissure Burs: Designed for cleaning out narrow grooves in teeth, preventing cavities. They have a slender body and tapered tip.


Our commitment to excellence starts with the materials. We use only the finest high-grade diamonds and tungsten carbide in our burs. This translates to:

  • Uncompromising Sharpness: Our cutting edges glide through tooth structure with precision and ease, minimizing drilling time and discomfort.
  • Unwavering Strength: MR BUR burs are durable and long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacements and saving valuable chair time.
  • Flawless Consistency: Say goodbye to jagged edges and unpredictable cuts. Our burs leave behind a smooth, polished surface, ideal for seamless restorations and patient comfort.

    Explore The Range of Dental Burs Offered By MR BUR

    At MR BUR we offer a wide range of dental burs that cater to the needs of dentists and dental technicians worldwide our dental bur range includes Materials such as:

    Diamond Burs
    Carbide Burs
    Tungsten Carbide Burs
    Gold Burs
    Silicone Burs
    Stone Burs
    Diamond Stone Burs
    Polisher Brush Burs
    Spiral Burs