Gingivectomy Bur Kit

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Gingivectomy Bur Kit

The set consists of 10 stainless steel burs specifically crafted for gingivectomy. This kit is ideal for fine-tuning soft tissue during the preparation of interproximal and subgingival cavities, as well as for more extensive procedures.

The burs are user-friendly and intuitive, resulting in faster and more effective treatments compared to ceramic burs. The concept involves utilizing the heat generated by the bur to cauterize the gums, aiding in controlling bleeding.

Cases Apply:

  • Perfect for the Gentle Dilatation of the Gingiva
  • Particularly Helpful in Subgingival Caries Treatment
  • Cut & Coagulate Soft Tissue

Product Specification:

  • Extremely Durable & Reliable
  • FG Friction Grip High Speed
  • Full Satisfaction
  • Long Service Life
  • Medical Grade Stainless Steel
  • Use without Water

The MR.BUR Gingivectomy Bur Kit is packaged in 10 burs/pack.

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