Mr. Bur Thailand

Dec 06, 2023Mr. Bur

Sawadee Ka! Finally set our foot on the soil of Thailand. Meet Mr Bur Thailand Salesforce

A meeting room filled with three female and two men from the mr bur sales team in Thailand where they are smiling while looking at the camera and some of the sales team members are holding the dental bur product catalog that shows information about the dental burs sold by mr bur the best international dental bur supplier

MR.BUR™️ is committed to deliver innovative dental burs solution and services for practitioners to achieve "Quicker, Better Patient Experience".

These are the sales team of mr bur there are four men and four women from the sales team smiling the men are standing and to the far right one of the sales team members is holding a sign that has Mr Bur written on it all sales team members are giving the thumbs up and the table in front of them has catalogs and samples of the best dental burs that mr bur sells to dentists around the world

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