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Dec 06, 2023customjobs parkhya

by Dentseedy

Mr. Bur are happy to participate in Dentseedy Minor Oral Surgery hands on workshop with Dr. Yew

Two femal dental students are watching a dental lecturer and learning how to use mr Bur dental burs during a dental workshop

Grasping the concept and skill for safe lower wisdom tooth surgery The four building blocks towards safe and predictable wisdom tooth surgery are... case selection, consent, clinical skill, and complications management

A room that has dental students sitting on seats and practicing dental procedures while dental teachers are giving them guidance on how to properly use dental burs sold by mr bur the best international dental bur supplier in the world

Dr. Yew will divide this workshop into four section, so all information are easy to assimilate, clinically relevant and applicable  Master minor oral surgical skill with Mr. Bur MOS burs in this workshop

9th March 2023

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