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Dec 05, 2023Mr. Bur
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There Are Some Problems The Users Often Encounter

  1. Handpiece's service life is short and easy to break down.

  2. Vibration

  3. No rotation

  4. There are some abnormal noises.

  5. No sound of handpiece.

  6. Leak in the port.

  7. The bur cannot be clamped or removed.


Recommendations For The Use Of Dental Handpiece


Choose appropriate air pressure

If air pressure exceeds the rated value, the speed of the drill will be so fast that the bearing and bearing cage can become prematurely worn and their service lives can be shortened. If the air pressure is too low, the speed can be too slow to properly perform the intended function of the dental equipment.


The following are the appropriate air pressure for different handpieces:


How to guarantee the appropriate air pressure during actual use?


As shown in the figure: When installing the dental chair, the installer will adjust the pressure value to match the high or low speed handpiece. However, the air pressure will fluctuate after changing the handpiece because there are design differences among different brands. Therefore, the users should step on the pedal switch to check the working pressure and adjust air pressure according to the type of handpiece.

Clinic dental chairs are usually in a series, so there may be a situation where air pressure is not enough when multiple devices are working at the same time (even if the user adjusts the pressure valve). In this situation, please wait for a few minutes until the air reservoir's pressure rises.


Use clean water and air supply

Air supply:

The air compressor extracts air and compresses it to supply to the dental equipment. Water and other impurities in the air reservoir can cause corrosion, accelerate the aging of the dental chair pipeline as well as shorten the service life of handpiece and other devices. It can even lead to infection if not cleaned properly. Therefore, the users should keep the air pump dry and change the filter regularly.


Water supply:

Most clinics in Malaysia use tap water directly while clinics in European and American countries often use filtered/distilled water.

Water quality varies from region to region, and the impurity of water affects the service life of equipment. We advise the users to add filters and use distilled water if the conditions permit. With tap water, it is not recommended to be equipped with a three-hole/multi-hole handpiece. 

To ensure the air and water supply is clean, please check air pump and filter before using. 

Chose the appropriate bur

The bur is a wearable part, if you need change the bur, please choose the bur which meets ISO international standards.

High speed handpiece's bur diameter: Φ1.59mm- Φ1.60mm

Low speed handpiece's bur diameter: Φ2.350mm


Good habits when using the handpiece

  1. Keep intermittent operation when using high speed handpiece, do not damage the bearing by brute force. If speed is too low or rotation is abnormal, please check air pressure or change the bur, rather than increase air pressure randomly.'

  2. Use multiple dental handpiece alternatively. The high speed of handpiece is 350000r/min -400000r/min. In this situation, it is easy for the bearing to wear and damage when working continuously for a long time. We advise the users to prepare more than one handpiece for one dental chair and insist on sterilization after a patient treatment.

  3. Avoid dropping the handpiece. Please pull out the bur when performing sterilization.

  4. Do not idle if there is no bur in place.

    How To Maintenance Dental Handpiece After Using It?

    1. Clean the body of the handpiece

    Rinse the body from sideways rather than from the head.



    2. Wipe the body with alcohol instead of acetone



    3. Cannot be soaked with disinfectant or ultrasonic cleaning. 


    4. Cleaning with oil

    Manual oiling


    Oiling by oiling machine




    Sterilization by sterilization bag



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