The Must Have Kit for Gingivectomy MR.BUR Gingivectomy Kit

Feb 05, 2024Mr. Bur

MR.BUR Gingivectomy Kit Is a set of ten stainless steel burs made specifically for gingivectomia. The kit proves perfectly for both small adjustment of soft tissue while preparation of interproximal and subgingival cavities, as well as more extensive procedures.

Equipped with FG turbine shank, they do not require any additional appliances. The burs are easy to use and intuitive, and the treatment are faster and more effecient than the ceramic burs. However, the primary benefit of the product is the coagulation of gingiva tissue due to the heat emitted by the bur. Extremely durable and reliable, they ensure a long service life and complete satisfaction.

  • Perfect for the gentle dilatation of the gingiva

  • More efficient than ceramic burs

  • Particularly helpful in subgingival caries treatment

  • Multiple shapes, depending on the location of the cavity and the amount of soft tissue to be removed.



  • Ideal for tight interproximal areas,

  • Effectively cut and coagulate soft tissue over the entire length of the cylinder,

  • The most effective when working horizontally.



  • Ideal for spot and precise gingiva trimming,

  • Able to work at different angles,

  • Well suited for interdental areas from the occlusal side,

  • Perfect for gingival margin adjustments.

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Case 2

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