Choosing Types of Diamond Burs for High-Speed Handpieces that fits Your Dental Procedure

Apr 17, 2024Raymond Looi
When it comes to high-speed handpieces, diamond burs play a crucial role. These burs are specifically designed for use with high-speed handpieces, offering greater cutting efficiency and precision. Let's take a closer look at the different types of diamond burs available for high-speed handpiece.

The first factor to consider when choosing diamond burs for high-speed handpiece is the diamond grit. Diamond burs are available in various grit options, ranging from fine to coarse. The choice of grit depends on the specific dental application. For example, fine grit is suitable for smoothing and polishing, while coarse grit is ideal for more substantial material removal. Click for more diamond grit info

When it comes to diamond burs, there are two primary options: single-patient-use and multi-patient-use. Single-patient-use diamond burs are intended for one-time use only. These burs offer the advantage of eliminating the risk of cross-contamination between patients. On the other hand, multi-patient-use diamond burs are designed to be sterilized and reused multiple times, making them a more cost-effective option. 

The shank size is another important consideration when selecting diamond burs for high-speed handpiece. The shank size refers to the diameter of the bur's shaft. Different handpieces require different shank sizes, so it's essential to choose the right one for optimal performance. Most high-speed handpieces use standard shank sizes, but it's always best to double-check before purchasing diamond burs.
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Finally, the shape of the diamond bur also plays a role in its effectiveness. The choice of shape depends on the specific procedure being performed. For example, round-end tapered burs are suitable for accessing hard-to-reach areas, creating chamfer line for crown, while flat-end burs are ideal for removing excess material and use to create shoulder line for crown preparation. Choosing the right shape ensures that you can work with precision and achieve the desired outcome.

Stay on top of the latest advancements in diamond bur technology for high-speed handpiece. Manufacturers are constantly innovating and improving their products, so it's essential to stay informed about the latest tools and techniques. By choosing the right diamond burs for your high-speed handpiece, you can deliver exceptional dental work and achieve outstanding results for your patients. Click here to view our full diamond bur collections now!

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