Gold Cylinder Round End Diamond Bur FG

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Cavity Preparation Crown Preparation Removal Of Old Fillings Sterilizable Working On Fillings
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Gold Cylinder Round End Diamond Bur FG

Cylinder Round End Burs are essential tools for cavity preparation and crown procedures. Their rounded ends enable precise excavation of decayed tooth structure, reducing the risk of damaging healthy teeth while preserving the tooth's structural integrity. These burs excel at shaping and reducing tooth structure to accommodate crown restorations, ensuring controlled material removal. Additionally, they serve various purposes in dental procedures, including accessory placement, enameloplasty, and adjustments. Whether creating access points for implant-supported restorations or refining occlusal harmony through enameloplasty, these versatile burs provide controlled and effective solutions for optimal functional and aesthetic outcomes.

Cases Apply:

  • Anterior Tooth
  • Carries Removal
  • Cavity Preparation
  • Endo Access
  • Filling with Composite
  • Posterior Tooth
  • Prophylaxis
  • Remove Decay / Debris
  • Trimming & Preparation

MR.BUR Gold Series Burs deliver a shining, premium experience with remarkable performance and persistence, boasting a 3-layer diamond coating + 1-layer gold coating. Featuring only natural diamonds, they ensure superior cutting efficiency and extended instrument life. These burs provide maximum, uniform crystal coverage for rapid, smooth, and comfortable cutting, elevating confidence and luxury with their multi-level diamond application.

Product Specification:

  • FG Friction Grip High Speed
  • Gold Bur (3-layer diamond coating + 1-layer gold coating)
  • Green Band Coarse Bur
  • Medical Grade Stainless Steel
  • Superior Cutting Efficiency

The MR.BUR Gold Cylinder Round End Diamond Bur FG is packaged in 10 pcs/pack.

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Head size 2.2

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