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Gingivectomia Kit

Gingivectomy Kit is a set of 10 stainless steel burs designed for gingivectomia. The kit proves perfect for both small adjustment of soft tissues while preparation of interproximal and subgingival cavities , as well as more extensive procedures

Mr Bur
Mr Bur
Mr Bur
  • To be used without any water / spray-cooling

  • Operation interval of 3 seconds

  • 300.000-500.000 RPM

  • Do not desifection with cold sterilization

  1. Extremely durable and reliable

  2. Long service life

  3. Full Satisfaction

  4. Perfect for the gentle dilatation of the gingiva

  5. More efficient than ceramic burs

  6. Particularly helpful in subgingival caries treatment

  7. Depending on the location of the cavity and the amount of soft tissues to be removed.

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