White Stone RA Polisher

Order No.

White Stone RA Polisher

Cases Apply:

  • Composite Polishing
  • CompoShape Bur
  • Deboding
  • Enamel Finishing
  • Finishing Bur
  • PFM Finishing

Attain a pristine, glass-like luster effortlessly, even on the most intricate hybrid composites, without the need for diamond paste, with MR.BUR's White Stone Polisher. Crafted specifically for contouring and refining enamel, composites, and porcelain, these dental polishing burs deliver unmatched precision and efficiency. Available in a range of shapes, our RA white stone burs ensure superior outcomes, providing a flawless finish with every use.

Product Specification:

  • MicroGrained Aluminum Oxide
  • RA (CA) Contra Angle Low Speed
  • White Stone

The MR.BUR White Stone RA Polisher is packaged in 10 pcs/pack.

Order Number WW1 WW2 WW3 WW4 WW5 WW6
Head size 2.5 2.5 2.5 3.0 3.0 3.0

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