Mini Round Ball with Collar Coarse Diamond Bur FG

Cavity Preparation Removal Of Old Fillings Working On Fillings
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Cavity Preparation Round Burs  10 PCS / Pack

No: 202A 
Mini shank round burs with small head sizes and collars are commonly used for delicate and precise work in small areas. They are suitable for procedures that require fine shaping, refining occlusal anatomy in small restorations, or creating surface texture in anterior restorations. The collar helps in controlling the depth of the bur and ensures precise depth control in limited spaces.

No: 202B , 201A , 201 
Medium Head Size: Mini shank round burs with medium-sized heads and collars offer versatility and are commonly used for a range of procedures. They are suitable for precise shaping and contouring of small to medium-sized restorations, accessing tight areas, or performing conservative cavity preparations. The collar aids in depth control and ensures consistent and accurate preparation depths.

Experience Mr.Burs ultimate precision with our high-quality Round Diamond Burs (RA, FG). Designed for efficient tooth preparation, caries removal, and cavity shaping, our burs deliver exceptional cutting power. With superior diamond coating, durability, and compliance with industry standards, our burs ensure seamless procedures and superior outcomes. Elevate your practice with our reliable and precise Round Diamond Burs (RA, FG).


  • Cavity preparation
  • Use on fillings

The Mr Bur Mini shank round collar diamond bur is a course diamond grid , packaging 10 pieces per pack.

Order Number 202A 202B 201A 201
Head Size 0.9 1.2 1.4 1.6

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