IPR Bur: Interproximal Reduction Bur for aligner and invisalign. 10+2 Set

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Interproximal Reduction Orthodontic Sterilizable
$1,500.00 $1,800.00you save $300.00

Introducing the IPR dental bur Kit, available from "Mr. Bur" – your trusted source for high-quality dental equipment. Our IPR burs are meticulously designed to meet the highest standards of precision and effectiveness, ensuring that dental practitioners worldwide have access to the best tools for their trade. We take pride in delivering these exceptional dental burs internationally, extending our commitment to customer satisfaction and supporting dental practitioners in creating a positive impact on oral health. With "Mr. Bur," you can expect nothing less than excellence in dental equipment, and our IPR dental burs are no exception.


One Slice IPR Interproximal Reduction Bur Specifications:


3.0mm Working Length / Slicing Anterior


0.30mm Diameter x 4pcs
0.40mm Diameter x 4pcs
0.50mm Diameter x 4pcs


3.0mm Working Length / Slicing Posterior

0.45mm Diameter x 3pcs
0.50mm Diameter x 3pcs


3.0mm Working Length / Super Fine Polishing

0.30mm Diameter × 2pcs

Package includes:
12 Set*IPR dental bur Kit (20 burs)

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