Hybrid Spiral Cool Cut Super Coarse Diamond Bur FG ( Specially designed for cutting crown)

Crown Cutting
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Hybrid Spiral Cool Cut Diamond ( Crown Cutter ) Ultimate Zirconia Cutter   
10 PCS / PACK 


CT-1  & CT-2 , the ultimate zirconia cutter Diamond bur. This high-quality bur is expertly designed to provide precise and efficient cutting of zirconia, making it the go-to tool for zirconia removal. With its superior diamond spiral grit technology, CT-1 delivers exceptional results, ensuring a smooth and accurate cut every time. CT-1 is the best choice for achieving the perfect fit and finish. 

- No Breakage - No Slippery- No Vibration

Cutting Methods 
- No Need To Place CT-1 at 45 Degree Angle On The Crown 
- Apply Directly On The Crown 
- Just Sliding Up and Down to Cut The Crown 

Order Number CT-1 CT-2
Head size 1.8 1.8


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