HP Flexible Denture Polisher

Laboratory Sterilisable
Order No.


Application for 01G19 (Soft Goat Hair Brush):

  • Pre-Polishing of precious metals , Non precious metals, Acrylics and Titanium
  • Application with polishing paste

Application for 01S22 (Cotton Polishing Brush):

  • High shine polishing of precious metals, non precious metals, model casting alloys, Composites, Acrylics, Ceramics and Titanium
  • Excellent high shine on every dental material
  • Application with polishing paste

Recommended Speed:

01G19 (Soft Goat Hair Brush):      5.000 - 6.000
01S22 (Cotton Polishing Brush):  5.000 - 6.000

Maximum Speed:

01G19 (Soft Goat Hair Brush): 20.000

01S22 (Cotton Polishing Brush):  10.000


Order Number 01S22 01G19
Head size 41.0 41.0

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