Flexi Diamond Disc ( Double Sided )

Interproximal Reduction Sterilisable
Order No.

Flexi Diamond Disc ( Double Sided )

Cases Apply:

  • Laboratory
  • Orthodontic
  • Prosthodontic
  • Essix Retainer
  • Retainer Technique
  • Denture Technique
  • Interproximal Reduction

Experience MR.BUR Flexi Diamond Disc (Double side) that allows dentists to cut and finish with precision and efficiency. Achieve smooth and consistent results on various materials for dentist labs. Our Discs are long-lasting, durable, and safe.

Product Specification:

  • Diamond Disc
  • HP Straight HandPiece (Low Speed)
  • RA Latch Type (Low Speed)

The MR.BUR Flexi Diamond Disc ( Double Sided ) is a diamond disc, is packaged in 1 pcs/pack with HP & RA Shank.

Order Number AMD1320 FD2230 CD1920
Head size 13.0 22.0 19.0

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