All Ceramics Polishing Diamond Polisher (Anterior)

Order No.

All Ceramics Polishing Diamond Polisher

Cases Apply:

  • Ceramic Pre-Polishing, Smoothing, High Shine
  • Debonding
  • Enamel Finishing and High Shine
  • Smoothing, Porcelain (PFM) Pre-Polishing, High Shine
  • Smoothing, Zirconia Pre-Polishing, High Shine

Diamond Polishers belong in aesthetic dentistry, enabling dentists to transform rough surfaces into smooth, high-shine materials quickly. The Diamond Polisher is soft and versatile, allowing it to be used from different angles to get the job done efficiently.

Product Specification:

  • (CA) Contra Angle Low Speed
  • 3 Steps
  • Silicone Material
  • Twist Wheel RA

The MR.BUR All Ceramics Polishing Diamond Polisher is packaged in 6 burs/pack.

Order Number 6001
Grit Coarse Medium Fine
Order Number 6003
Grit Medium Fine

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