Cylinder Round End Coarse Diamond Bur FG

Cavity Preparation Crown Preparation Removal of old fillings Sterilizable Veneer Preparation
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Cylinder Round End Coarse Diamond Bur FG

Cylinder burs are efficient in shaping, preparing teeth for restorations, creating space and contours for crown placements. They excel in bulk material removal, cavity preparation, and crown preparation, allowing for controlled excavation of decayed or damaged tooth structure while preserving tooth integrity.

No: 16A
With a 1.0mm head size, very small and used for extremely delicate procedures requiring precise control. Commonly utilised in conservative restorative dentistry for fine shaping, contouring, or removing small amounts of material in hard-to-reach areas.

No: 19A
With a 1.2mm head size, offer slightly larger working surfaces while still providing good control and precision. Suitable for shaping and preparing small to moderate-sized cavities or for adjusting tooth anatomy with enhanced visibility.

No: 19B
With a 1.4mm head size, provide a bit more material removal capability while maintaining control and precision. Commonly used in crown preparations, where more substantial reduction of tooth structure is required, or for adjusting occlusion and creating smooth surfaces.

No: 83
Suitable for aggressive enameloplasty or reshaping procedures. The coarse diamond grit allows for efficient removal of enamel or contouring of tooth surfaces.

No: 83A
Effective for rapid material removal and shaping tasks. Can be used for adjusting prosthetic components or removing excess restorative materials.

No: 85B, 85
Versatile for various coarse material removal tasks. Can be used for rapid reduction of tooth structure, adjustments of restorations, or contouring of dental materials.

Cases Apply:

  • Crown Preparation
  • Chamfer Margin Preparation
  • Veneer Preparation
  • Occlusal Reduction
  • Cusp Beveling
  • Metal Crown Material
  • Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown Material (PFM)
  • All Ceramic Crown Material
  • Posterior Tooth
  • 6.0mm or Below
  • Anterior Tooth
  • 7.0mm or above are mostly for Veneer case
  • Trimming & Preparation

Experience MR.BUR ultimate precision with our high-quality diamond burs (FG). Our burs deliver exceptional cutting power with superior 3-layer diamond coating, durability, and compliance with industry standards, ensuring seamless procedures and superior outcomes. Elevate your practice with our reliable and precise diamond burs (FG).

Product Specification:

  • FG Friction Grip High Speed
  • Green Band Coarse Bur
  • Medical Grade Stainless Steel
  • Superior Cutting Efficiency

The MR.BUR Cylinder Round End Coarse Diamond Bur FG is packaged in 10 pcs/pack.

Order Number 16A 19A 19B 85A 83
Head size 1.0 1.2 1.4 1.2 1.6
Order Number 83A 85C 85B 85 85D
Head size 1.8 1.0 1.2 1.4 1.6

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