How It Works

4 Simple Steps to start earning!

First, create your account at Make sure to provide us professional information so that we can keep in touch and give you our best support.

Bookmark your login url to login easily

Copy and saved the referral link from the dashboard to share and outreach target audience. If you have a website/blog and want to write for us as an affiliate marketer/content create, here's how it generally works. You can copy the referral link, write high-quality, relevant content on your website that includes your referral link naturally. You could write product reviews, tutorials, or any content that seamlessly integrates with our products or services. When visitors click on your referral link and make a purchase, you earn a commission.

Instead you want a referral link that unique just for you or your brand, you can click on settings and change your referral code that will reflect on the referral url that you copy.

Up to this stage, you are ready to get your first affiliate earning! Simply share the referral link to social media or online platforms with high traffic of target audiences.

Such as:
Dental Supply Groups
Dental Community
Dental Insight or Sharing

or more

If you have any existing communication or discussion groups, it is advisable to create a short and informative script containing your referral link. Share this script with your group members or customers to generate more potential conversions.

Last but not least, do remember to input your linked email for us to transfer the money to you monthly.

For any enquiries, feel free to email to